When Gabe Rayner took a project in the energy sector, the last place he expected to go was Texas. 

Because the biggest players in the energy business never get nearer the nodding donkeys than a lightswitch. The movers and shakers in oil and gas are the men in suits. Politicians. Lobbyists. Investors. But when Rayner draws up his charts, the curves start crossing in too many places. What one bunch of people are doing, contrasted with what another bunch are expecting.

Rayner’s not big on coincidence. He is big on seeing patterns. And anyway, he likes the barbecue. Should be wrapped up in a few days.

But in the deserts outside Dallas, someone’s playing a longer game. Wanting a bigger piece. And the piece they want is so big, it doesn’t look like a piece anymore.

Blue Star, Lone Star is the first full-length novel featuring Gabe Rayner: a British-American problem-solver with a broad skillset. He’s the first business consultant action hero. Copyright © Mark Charteris 2016. Published by Redpump Ltd. ASIN: TBA. ISBN: 978-0-9927470-2-2. Publishing 2018.

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