Ideas drying up? Rayner's your oasis.Ever wondered why your CEO changed his mind? How that land deal got waved through? Or what’s really fuelling that finance plan?

You could ask a team of lawyers to do more due diligence. Or you could call Gabe Rayner.

The Rayner stories explore common business scenarios from an angle you don’t read about in the pink paper. Rayner takes business consultancy to extremes. 

He works where businessmen are backed into corners, not corner offices. Where competitive advantage means having one extra round in the clip. And let’s not talk about what happens when “heads have to roll”.

(Hey, he’s a freelancer. For his clients, that’s plausible deniability.)

He’s exclusive to Kindle: see Mark’s author page at Amazon to buy. (You don’t need a Kindle to read them – use these free apps to get any or all on your iPad or iPhone, Android phone, Windows PC or Mac.)

Want a taste first? Read a free short story.

Two Birds: Introducing Gabe RaynerRAYNER 0: TWO BIRDS. The introductory novella finds Rayner dividing his July between the USA’s East Coast and Deep South, deep in mission creep and trying to keep himself out of the crosshairs.

After brushes with some overripe cantaloupes and identikit thugs in two States – not to mention an angry raccoon in the rafters – Rayner realises he’s got an extra item on his task list. One that’ll change his life forever.

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RAYNER 1: BLUE STAR, LONE STAR.The first full-length Rayner thriller sets him on a collision course with Big Energy. When you mix together influence-peddling lobbyists and Public Sector lifers from Brussels to Texas, something’s got to give – and Rayner’s not doing any giving.

But two shadowy organisations are doing a lot of taking. And since neither is working on a standard three- to five-year investment horizon, the truth is stranger than even Rayner can imagine…

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