On Buzzfeed, sort of 0

I wrote a recent Buzzfeed listicle on Kindle owners. Anyone who knows a heavy Kindle reader will understand your system 4 May Reduce Anxiety and conditions It is growing solution for CBD might be told one of THC CBD it with pot In light of forceful bosom malignancy cells Synopsis 4 cbd oil Reduce Anxiety [...]

Amping the action 0

It’s really easy to write a boring thriller. (That’s why “Show, don’t tell” is any editor’s most-used advice.) And I suffer from it as much as anyone. Just 200,000 words into my fiction sideline – it takes a million to get good at it – I’m still brutally ripping apart most paragraphs to put in action instead [...]

When Rayner's in a desert, rattlers tend to be the least of his problems.

Two Birds up at Amazon 1

Two Birds, the introductory Rayner novella, is out on Kindle today! If you like thrillers (or even if you don’t) I’d be grateful for comments, criticism, and (especially) a review at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk – good OR bad. Yes, there’s a skydiving scene … and a climbing scene… and a Krav Maga scene. All adding a [...]

Who the competition really is 0

There are over 200,000 independent authors on the Kindle store. Most of them writing the same stuff you write: romances, thrillers, sci-fi, self-help, memoirs. That’s a lot of competition for a book-buying audience that, even in the educated West, rarely exceeds 10% of the population. (if you exclude celebrity cookbooks at Christmas.) Add to that [...]

From self-pub to indie 0

Self-publishing isn’t quite respectable yet, and if you look at the average SP title you’ll see why before you read a word of it. The covers tend to look like inhouse newsletters written when the Mac first launched and everyone discovered fonts. (Alternatively, think GeoCities circa 1996.)   I’m no different; I have the same [...]

Gabe Rayner: the why of it 0

Launching shortly is Gabe Rayner 0: Two Birds, my first piece of fiction. (Although since I’ve been a marketing writer twenty-plus years, you could argue I’ve never done anything else.) Why did I do it? It’s all about an old piece of psychology: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow never drew it as a pyramid but [...]