Crossed T is a short story featuring British-American problem-solver Gabe Rayner, a consultant with a broad skillset.Free short story “Crossed T” sees Rayner imprisoned in one of the world’s defining hellholes: Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Most business consultants could find something to do when a flight’s been cancelled and the alternative is a wet Wednesday on the South Side. But when Rayner overhears a snippet of conversation in a shuffling queue, he finds himself questioning his commitment to free markets… because what people want isn’t always what’s good for them.

Crossed T is a short story featuring Gabe Rayner: a British-American problem-solver with a broad skillset. He’s the first business consultant action hero. Copyright © Mark Charteris 2017. Published by Redpump Ltd. ASIN: TBA. ISBN: 978-0-9927470-1-5.

Crossed T publishes on and 2018 >>