Two Birds up at Amazon 1

Two Birds coverTwo Birds, the introductory Rayner novella, is out on Kindle today! If you like thrillers (or even if you don’t) I’d be grateful for comments, criticism, and (especially) a review at or – good OR bad.

Yes, there’s a skydiving scene … and a climbing scene… and a Krav Maga scene. All adding a bit of oomph to a hundrum job of investment analysis. Not to mention the .50 calibre rounds flying about. (That’s everyone covered, right?)

Jokes apart, it’s just £1.99 in the UK or $2.99 Stateside so you can’t go far wrong. Buy it at or now. Thanks!

One thought on “Two Birds up at Amazon

  • Duncan Collins

    A quick and easy read with a novel plot that kept me picking up the Kindle at bedtime for a pre morphic escape. As a business / management consultant myself I haven’t done any of those things thank God but maybe I scare too easily or have more prosaic clients. The enjoyable narrative style owes something to Chandler but needs refining if used again. And I hope there will be another – in which case i’ll read that too.

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