"Two Birds" is the introductory novella featuring British-American business consultant Gabe Rayner.Gabe Rayner isn’t ex-military
. Not an ex-cop. And the closest he gets to a double-0 rating is his credit score. On the street, you wouldn’t give him a second glance. And that’s the way he wants it.

Because the business consultant look hides a binderful of secrets. Rayner’s schooled in a hundred-plus skills rarely seen in the C-Suite. He can whomp up your marketing plan. Critique your investment. Or take on six men with switchblades in a dark alley.

"Worked Out" is a short story featuring British-American business consultant Gabe Rayner.Why? Because business today spans two worlds. One of them far from the balance sheet. A world where money is measured in suitcases. Where men hard as a sack of spanners trade favours with lawmakers bent as a paper crane. A world where chaos is currency.

Crossed T is a short story featuring British-American problem-solver Gabe Rayner, a consultant with a broad skillset.

Rayner reasons that if you go into that other world fast and hard enough, you can deliver better results back in the real one. And the technology of a connected world makes it possible. (Today’s superabundance of always-on information lets you drill almost any skillset into your head and hands, if you know where to click.)

So he learns. He practices. Then he takes action.


And since his methods aren’t in any Standard Operating Manual, his adversaries don’t quite know what to make of him.

In today’s connected world, anyone can be an action hero. And Gabe Rayner is proving it, one mayhem-packed thrill-ride at a time.

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